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Creating a new world with impactful entrepreneurs

Founded in 2013 by women entrepreneurs, makesense for entrepreneurs supports and finances the pioneers of tomorrow’s world, who collectively build a sustainable and inclusive society.

Our beliefs

We recognise that the planet’s resources are limited and that only a radically inclusive society, of humans and living things, is sustainable and desirable.

A large number of solutions exist, but too few reach a significant level of deployment to transform our society in depth. The challenge is to enable them to be deployed on a massive scale.

100 multinationals produce 71% of GHGs and 147 account for 40% of global turnover*. Businesses have a key role to play in shaping our society and shaping the future.

*Source : The Carbon Major Database

For us, entrepreneurs are the builders of a society in which every person, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age, can breathe, eat, move, live, communicate and learn with joy and without compromising future generations.

Leaders in their field, these entrepreneurs are clearing the way for new systems of production, consumption and living together that take care of humans and the living world in its entirety. They are an essential link in the transformation of our society. We are proud to build this society alongside them.

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Our mission

We invest financial resources (from €100K to €4M) and intangible resources (mentors, networks, expertise, etc.) in visionary teams that develop innovative companies with high development and impact potential.

Through our incubation programmes and our two investment funds, we accelerate pioneering solutions, from their first steps to their international development, to make them credible and inspiring.

Impact must be at the heart of your ambition. We exclusively finance projects “FOR impact” (impact at the heart) and not “WITH impact” (positive externalities) that radically care for the world.

Are you revolutionising a value chain, a process, an organisational mode in key sectors such as education, agriculture and food, health, housing, transport or sport?

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The path is just as important as the result. At makesense, we are keen on alignment and coherence between the company’s objectives and the means implemented. We work with you on 5 axes:

  • Integrating your social/ecological mission into the heart of your company’s activity
  • Including stakeholders in your governance
  • Sharing the value created equitably between all contributors
  • Promote well-being and inclusiveness through HR policies
  • Develop your business while respecting the planet’s resources

On the fund side

In order to embody the change we want to see, we have put in place safeguards to align our interests with yours:

_Our remuneration is based on the achievement of impact objectives
_We are a member of Impact France, France Invest (impact), Impact for the Future
_We are in the process of obtaining B-Corps certification
_Our governance is decentralised

On the business side

To help you maintain your impact throughout your development, we work alongside you on :

_Your mission of social impact, written into your articles of association
_Impact indicators and contractualised objectives
_An alignment roadmap to put in place the tools to protect your mission

Tested…and approved


We joined makesense to benefit from their famous expertise in community creation and animation. We found much more than that. Immersed in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, we benefited from the advice of passionate and benevolent experts, a pleasant and lively place and met other entrepreneurs with whom we were able to share a lot. They are now ours friends!

Thibault Bastin and Barthelemy Gas

Too Good To Go

makesense has been a real catalyst for our adventure! They pushed us to set out our vision, our DNA and gave us the keys to the human management essential to our development. The impact that makesense has had on the development of Too Good To Go is precious and irreplaceable, we couldn’t have dreamed of better!

Lucie Basch

Le Drenche

I’m proud of the progress accomplished. There are still many challenges ahead, but it is certain that without makesense we would not be where we are today. Thank you for accompanying us, challenging us, advising us, but above all thank you for contributing to making this new world exist and making it possible.

Florent Guignard


Without makesense, we would have gone straight to the wall. We appreciated their strong ability to mobilize resources and a network for start-ups, an extremely healthy and motivating environment, trustworthy relationships and relationships, and highly adapted project
management methods.

Arnaud, Edouard and Gregoire