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Impact is at the heart of our DNA

We want to fund entrepreneurs who have a vision beyond a solution, who want to change the root causes of problems and have a systemic change.

Good practices

We implement best practices on impact measurement to help you defend your mission throughout the development of your business.

  1. Screening

    20 target impacts

  2. Accelerate – Due diligence

    6 key criteria

  3. Investment

    3 impact indicators

  4. Exit

    50% carried interest

Impact assessment throughout the investment

We source projects based on target effects. The world’s challenges are many. We have defined priority areas to build a sustainable and inclusive society.

We assess relevance and intentionality according to 6 criteria

Our analysis grid allows us to challenge and support the impact strategy. Each company is evaluated on the basis of 6 IMPACT criteria:

Intensity of need

To what extent does the problem affect a large number of people/stakeholders and does the solution get to the root of the problem?

Putting it into perspective

How does the proposed solution fit into an ecosystem and enable it to evolve?

Evidence of the impact model

What links can be made between the actions implemented by the project leaders and the impacts generated?

Accessibility of the solution

Is the solution accessible to as many people as possible? In particular, to certain categories of individuals

Consistency of values

Is the search for inclusion and sustainability reflected within the organisation? or fragile organisations?

Impact totals

Is the impact balance positive, once all externalities are taken into account?

If you would like to receive the details of our impact grid,
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We support the respect of the mission and its development throughout the life of the company

  • Definition of 1 to 3 extra-financial indicators included in the Pact and objectives to be reached in 3 years.
  • Co-construction of an impact roadmap to monitor the company’s performance in 5 areas: Protection of the mission, Value sharing, Power sharing, Social impact, Environmental impact.

If you would like to receive the details of our impact grid,
send us an email at